Who we are

Our Mission

We are a partnership of Horticulturalists in Vancouver, Canada, that specializes in building plant communities, with a view towards ecology. We use holistic and naturalistic approaches; working with nature rather than against it. We aim to make green spaces that are wildly beautiful, provide unique sensory experiences and connect humans with nature in fun innovative ways.

What We Do

Garden writing

(self published and freelance)

Planting design

(public parks and green spaces, for direct clients and on contract to landscape architects)

Maintenance/installation plans

(large sites, municipal plantings)

Therapeutic gardening

(we are members of CHTA- Canadian horticultural therapy association)

How it Started

Simple Leaf began with two parks horticultural techs (with over a dozen years experience each) looking for more. The opportunity to use their skills and creative energy to build better plantscapes and share their passion for plants with others. In 2019, we began selling tropicals at community markets for fun, which grew into an active online community (during the pandemic), sharing information and encouragement.

How do we do it

We believe that the nature/ human connection is integral to health and wellness so we focus on this connection in every project we do. We pull from all of our combined knowledge, passion and creative abilities to bring to life whatever project is at hand.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your next planting/writing project. Stay in touch on instagram, subscribe to the site for new blog notifications and become part of the community.