Our Team

Alicia - Virens Studio

Alicia Robbins

Alicia attended both Caplilano University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University where she completed an associates degree in biology, a certificate of Horticulture and a diploma in Landscape Horticulture, in addition to a Canadian Red Seal certification.

A desire to share her skills with the wider public, she became in integral part of Horticultural programs at two Cities for decades. She developed a special talent for plant-centred design, based on observation and experimentation specifically for resiliant and beautiful urban spaces.  For her it is about creating an immersive experience that adds ecological value to the greater urban landscape.

Her varied interests and life outside of horticulture infuses her work with a holistic desire for balance and calm.

Sara-Jane - Virens Studio

Sara-Jane Quechuck

After a career in the visual arts, Sara-Jane attended the University of Fraser Valley. As well as gaining an additional horticultural diploma (Gaia College) plus several Business certifications (BCIT).

An aspiration to create multifunctional green spaces for public use led to a dozen years as part of a busy City Parks Department. There, her creative problem-solving skills stoked a love of beautifully resilient and adaptable urban plantings.

A need for innovative practicality and emotional connection permeates her craft.

Alicia and Sara-Jane met while employed by a municipality in British Columbia's lower mainland. Working together, hands-on, designing, building and maintaining public gardens and civic green spaces. Together, they formed Virens Studio as a way to explore a wider and wilder idea of landscape, planting design and gardening in general. Bringing their unique expertise to a diverse range of gardens and green spaces across Canada, and beyond.

"At Virens we are continually inspired by horticultures power to combine complex concepts with simple design solutions. Its ability to fuel our insatiable curiosity and form easy connections between nature and people. It brings us a lot of joy to meet all kinds of design challenges and share the knowledge that we've gained over the years. Green spaces add so much value to the world, we just don't always acknowledge that fact."

Design Philosophy

Virens is a studio that grew from a mutual love of creating beautiful, multi-functional green spaces. Our designs and practices consider the needs of all stakeholders. Layering together,


  • emotional & sensory responses
  • thoughtful nature & science-based solutions
  • accessibility, inclusivity & cultural expression
  • wildlife needs
  • responsible hydrology & resource use
  • long-term maintenance & land stewardship practices
  • novel plant communities & awe-inspiring seasonal displays
  • clever space use & design elements
  • integrated concepts for future maintenance needs
  • joy


As Planting Design Specialists, we bridge the gap between Landscape Architecture, users of all kinds and maintenance professionals; between science-lead practices and striking garden design that envelopes the viewer and evokes an emotional response.

The knowledge and experience gained through our years in the parks system has given us a unique skill set that will elevate already great projects to extraordinary ones.


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winter 2023 3ad