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We can elevate new planting projects as well as provide solutions for existing plantings and maintenance programs. Let us help you to save resources and get the right kind of attention with our mix of ecological horticultural practices and evocative design skills.

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We are a professional partnership that came together over a mutual love of creating successful garden spaces through the best techniques in modern horticulture. We wanted to design a better, more naturalistic way to use our green space for long term ecological benefit.

We are Ecological Planting Specialists, we bridge the gap between Landscape Architecture, stakeholders and maintenance professionals; between science-lead practices and striking garden design that envelopes the viewer and evokes an emotional response.

The knowledge and experience gained through our years in the parks system has given us a unique skill set that will elevate already great projects to extraordinary ones.

During our years working in large scale civic and municipal parks we found ourselves disappointed in the gap between plan and reality. New projects often fell short after  installation was completed. Plants and maintenance were often an afterthought and as a result the plantings failed within the first 3 years. On every new project turned over to us, a full scale replacement was needed. Despite most architects doing a fantastic job of designing a site for its intended audience, many overlook some of the less obvious stakeholder’s needs, something that’s bound to happen on complex projects where plantings aren’t a high priority. Things that are often missed, but what we excel at include:

  • Building diverse & naturalistic plant communities for habitat and plant health
  • Assessing site access and space usage for maintenance crews
  • Choosing material that’s best adapted to existing site conditions
  • Selecting & building substrates and soils for long term success
  • Utilizing the best, low input maintenance techniques available
  • Working with labourers of all skill levels and abilities
  • Creating resilient and adaptable plantings with climate change in mind
  • Highlighting seasonal change, colour and structure
  • Creating opportunities for community engagement
  • Mitigating issues like vandalism and snow removal
  • Recognizing quality plant material and installation techniques
Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association
Ecological Landscaping Alliance
Pacific Horticulture

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