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A Fun & Fascinating Sneaky Peak at, Botanical Curiozine – Sunflower

Feb 19, 2023

We've written and designed a fun ebook! And we've decided to share a few select pages, so that you can see what we've been up to.


Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower is a deep dive into the fascinating biology, history and beauty of Helianthus annus, one of the most beloved flowers in the world.

Far from a common garden bloom, sunflowers can boast connections that span from Aztec temples and the canvases of Vincent Van Gogh, to the runways of Paris. Without us even noticing, they have become a powerful cultural symbol in addition to being an ecological powerhouse in the garden.

Please enjoy this sneaky peak, and feel free purchase a full-length copy of our first, Botanical Curiozine, for yourself or someone you love on Amazon today.


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Sara-Jane & Alicia at Virens Studio


Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower. Cover (Virens Studio)
Cover art, featuring a throw back to the curio cabinets of old.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower. Contents (Virens Studio)
Table of contents, preview to lots of goodies.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflowers. Aztec connections (Virens Studio)
A peak at the Mesoamerican beginings of the sunflower.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower. Fashion and art (Virens Studio)
Sunflowers feature in the work of many famous artists thoughout history.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower ebook by Virens Studio
An important habitat and food source, sunflowers are an ecological powerhouse.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower. Alan Turing. (Virens Studio)
Sunflowers have made many contribtions to science and mathematics.
Botanical Curiozine, Sunflower (Virens Studio, 2023)
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